Women's Interfaith



Venice Osprey Nokomis

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​​Visit the website for the Center For Religious Tolerance  (www.c-r-t.org) for more

interfaith work taking place globally and locally.  

What WIN Members Are Saying: 
" I made friends with people I'd never known and am richer for it."
"It was comforting to hear other women expressing doubts about their own religious teachings."
"I gained a whole new perspective on Muslims and how their customs vary in different countries."
"I loved the diversity in our group and am surprised at how much I learned."

Who Are the Women of WIN:
The Women's Interfaith NetworkThe Women's Interfaith Network (WIN) is a group of over 100  women representing a variety of religious orientations, including Judaism, several forms of Christianity, Islam, Baha'i, Wiccan, Humanism, and Metaphysical as well as indigenous and spiritual traditions.  WIN of Sarasota-Bradenton completed its fifth year of activities in December 2012.   

What is Our Mission:
The Women's Interfaith Network invites women of all ages, abilities, beliefs, cultures, faiths and races to learn about and value our similarities and differences.  We work to eradicate stereotypes and prejudice beginning in our own communities in order to promote our common humanity and build a peaceful world. 

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